Robin Bery

"there is only one success -
spend your life in your own way"


Having grown up in and been influenced by hip hop culture and its many elements, Robin understands that creativity is limitless and that he has the opportunity to express himself through music, painting, design or photography and cinematography. During Robin’s teen years, graffiti was one of his biggest interest. Through graffiti, he was able to express the thoughts, ideas and emotions of other people as well as his own. To amplify the feelings of the moments he captured, he combined them and presented them with finely selected music. The idea of curating an experience through the combination of various art forms is very dear to Robin’s heart and it plays an irreplaceable role in his creative projects to this day.  
Later he started noticing a need for change and a need for making his art more public, more available to the audience. As a result, Robin moved his attention away from graffiti in order to spend more time on canvas paintings and digital screen-prints.The idea to capture his print-screened works on models was an important moment for his creative journey as he discovered his new interest in fashion and portrait photography. 
Photography has become one of Robin’s main activities then and he started to focus more on fashion and studio works. Since then he has met a lot of respected people from the industry, cooperated with major model agencies (Elite, Exit model management, Czechoslovak models and more) and his works have been published in fashion magazines (Topfashion magazine, inStyle, Elle). In his latest projects he gets more intimate. He tries to capture atmosphere of the fleeting moment, mood of models, current feelings and the current situation. Exploring his creative side enabled Robin to find his passion and discover his personal philosophy, which is centred around living in the “bohemian moment”.



art & projects



Throughout his professional and creative career, Robin has worked on a number of different projects with numerous people. One of his most recent, and probably most exciting project, is Temporary Escapes session. The project was created by Robin in collaboration with a young Czech brand - Alexmonhart. 

The philosophy of the brand is very close to Robin’s own and their creative events are unique in Prague. Temporary Escapes aims to create a different kind of city experience while presenting new Alexmonhart lines or campaign videos. Each Temporary Escapes event is carefully curated with music sets selected by Robin, 

which always creates a different atmosphere. As Robin and Alexmonhart have similar views on creativity and its importance, the concept behind Temporary Escapes is not only the artistic and professional self-expression of its founders, but also to establish an accessible platform for young creative people.





While working in the field of man fashion for the past several years, Robin has gained valuable knowledge and first-hand experience, which he uses to inspire and influence others. He is a respected figure in the world of men’s attire and he has appeared on a number of men style accounts and magazines such as the GQ coverage from men fashion weeks and best dressed lists.
Robin likes to reflect his past in the way he dresses and behaves, he brings and keeps accuracy in each detail and follows rules that should be kept. His personal style is precise formal/business, combined with business casual and high-end street fashion. Apart from following fashion magazines and websites, Robin likes to attend major events in the world of men’s attire, such as the Pitti Uomo, where he meets and discusses trends with inspiring, well dressed men from all around the world.


Robin’s lifestyle is influenced by his life philosophy, which is very simple - la dolce vita. Robin enjoys a bohemian way of living and everything good in life - art, music, coffee, slow mornings and beautiful sunsets. He uses several apps and social media networks to show his life style authentically to other people. Thus his followers can often get a sneak peak of his backstage studio action, his outfit selection or photoshoots, parties, events, or simply cooking or running sessions. Through his various social media accounts Robin often gives tips for spots with good atmosphere and cafes with excellent coffee. 


When Robin became more interested in fashion and photography, he started blogging and working with companies as an ambassador and content maker. Apart from photography, he offers several services related to blogging content and marketing. Robin understands blogs as platforms, which should not criticise or judge but rather inspire other people. One of his personal aims is to create a style club, which would be based on offline events for his followers. He wishes to create a new community for people with similar fashion interests who could meet regularly, discuss trends, give and seek advice from skilled professionals.