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Do you need to improve your style? Or could you use some help regarding a specific event or a professional situation? Do you want to be really sure your formal outfit fits you well? Do you need help with choosing clothes and accessories for certain situations? To combine professional outfits with casual outfits? To adjust your style according to your current needs and options? To learn which items to choose and how to further combine them? To understand, which rules to follow and which ones can be disregarded? And in which situations? Would you like to work on your appearance or time-management? We will arrange our services individually based on your needs.  


Formal style

formal, business, occasional business

  • Selection of complete solution and suitable brands based on your needs:
    • ready-to-wear
    • made-to-measure
    • bespoke services
  • Consultation and assistance from the first to the last step
  • Right combination of clothes and accessories
  • An opportunity for cooperation with other experts and getting their advice
  • Consultancy

Casual style

leisure combinations, business casual, smart casual

  • Selection of brands suitable for your style
  • Combining leisure style with formal style
  • Choosing right clothes for your activities
  • Consultancy

Personal assistance and coaching

  • Assistance with shopping or choosing and shopping for you
  • Selecting an outfit including accessories for specific situations and events
  • We can arrange: shopping, orders, cleaning, ironing, clothes delivery to your place
  • Maintenance of your wardrobe
  • How to present yourself correctly
  • How to lead personal or professional meetings and how to make the best impression
  • Building your distinct style and character

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Life according to Robin

"There is only one success, to live in your own way.."

Life according to Robin

"There is only one success, to live in your own way.."



For several years he has been moving in field of men's fashion. During that time he has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience, which he connected with his natural sense of elegant dressing. That's how Robin's own refined style was created, which he now tries to present to others and inspire them. He is a respected figure in the world of men's fashion. Photographs of his outfits are regularly being published on platforms dealing with men's style. He has also appeared in magazines like GQ, in reports from men fashion weeks and on lists of the best dressed men. Robin's distinct style carries itself in precise formal, business spirit, which he enlivens by combining elegance and carefully chosen leisure items. In dressing, Robin puts great emphasis on precision of every detail and also on adherence to usual rules. His past also plays a big role in terms of what he wears and how he behaves, which he shows in his style. He likewise reflects his life experiences in his own creative work as a photographer and an artist.

blogger and menswear expert

Writing inspiring articles and publishing his own photographs, by which he wants to share his knowledge, goes hand in hand with being and working in fashion world. He gradually established a partnership with series of companies and not only in terms of promotion, but especially as a consultant, creator of marketing strategies and content for social sites. His blog is not a place for criticism, but the main intention is to inspire readers. Therefore he also decided to share his knowledge, not only about clothing, personally through project #styleclub, in which he combines consulting in formal and casual fashion with presentation of overall lifestyle, which comes from his professional experience. He has been organizing regular events under #styleclub for people with similar interest in fashion. Newly created community would offer a space for discussion, meeting new people and mutual inspiration.

bon vivant

Robin's life style is greatly influenced by his life philosophy, which is very simple and is beautifully depicted by the phrase „la dolce vita“. Robin loves to savor bohemian life style and everything good it brings – art, music, coffee, quiet mornings and even beautiful sunsets. In order for him to be able to share his delights authentically with the outside world, he uses different platforms of social media. Robin's followers can often see behind the scenes of his studio creation, be inspired by his outfits, look at photographs from various events, parties or just moments from a regular life. On his social sites you can also very often find tips for places with pleasant atmosphere and cafés offering great coffee.


robin's story

Art plays a significant role in his life. He got closer to it during studies, when graffiti and hip hop culture was a big part of his life. Because of it he started traveling and so he had an opportunity to meet various people from all around the world, with whom he could share his ideas and exchange experience. This period gave his creation a direction and launched another important part of his life. He started working in a company specializing in graphic design and desktop publishing. Working there he gained needed knowledge from the realm of project management and afterwards even running the production of the entire company. His work also allowed him to travel to meet foreign clients and get to know other environments.

After several years in the company he decided to leave and work as a freelancer, which gave him more independence and space for his own creation. In 2013 he also founded his own studio in the heart of Prague.

Because of all of this Robin found a true meaning of his life. Currently he focuses on fashion, creative work, art and various quality music. Music complements not only his projects, but also his whole life style, which he tries to present and inspire people around him, whether through blog, social sites or during personal meetings.


art & creative work

art & creative work

Through graffiti he wanted to break ordinariness of regular life, to impress, appeal and shock an observer. An attempt to call attention to this issue as to another form of art and present graffiti in different light led him to creating several documentaries, which described this activity in his environment. Music played an important role in those documentaries; it created an atmosphere of a given moment and could trigger various emotions in viewers.
Gradually he felt a need to create something more accessible and easily acceptable for general public. Therefore he moved his creation on the canvases and began to pursue graphic design. Designs of his own prints on clothes and his visual presentation gradually led him to fashion and photography.

For Robin, an art expression, even because of the experience with graffiti, is an opportunity in which he sees no limits. In his work he likes to combine music, paintings, design, photography and film.




From the moment he began to actively pursue fashion and photography, he has had opportunities to meet many respected individuals from the field. He cooperated with top modeling agencies such as Elite, Exit model management, Czechoslovak models and others. His works were printed in various fashion magazines like Topfashion magazine, InStyle or Elle.

Currently Robin works on projects, which are more personal. Their important element is an unrepeatable, intimate atmosphere captured in one fleeting moment. The result are then photographs reflecting genuineness, beauty not only on the outside but also on the inside.




other art forms

An idea for the whole experience, which is being created by connecting several kinds of arts, comes from Robin's soul and plays an essential role in all of his projects.

In endless possibilities of creative expression, Robin found not only his passion but also personal philosophy, which lies in simple art of enjoying everyday details and trivialities joining his life in one beautiful bohemian moment.



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